Purpose:This blog is dedicated to celebrating and exploring the good things of life. Good things include food and poetry.

Objectives: I will alternate on a weekly basis between a review of a published recipe and a review of a book of poems written by a woman. Perhaps I will review an art exhibition or play every now and then.

Methods and Procedures:

  • Recipes will be selected from recent issues of purchased magazines and cookbooks checked out from the public library. Recipes will be selected based on seasonality of ingredients (i.e. can I purchase fresh ingredients) and if I have the equipment to make the dish. The review will describe the first attempt, how well the leftovers warm up in the microwave the next day and occasionally how well the recipe freezes then reheats. Cost of ingredients I have to purchase because they are not part of my everyday pantry will be listed. Photos of process and final results will be included on the blog.
  • Poetry collections will be selected in the following manner: I will walk up to the “New Book” section of the public library, locate the poetry section and pull out at random poetry books until I have found a book by a woman. Then I shall check the book out and live with it for several weeks.  The review will reflect my impressions, opinion and emotional response to the poetry collection as a unit and as individual poems. I do not promise I am going to “get” what the poet wishes to accomplish. I will not explore the poet’s past work or their biography; it is the poems that are on display, not the poet’s accomplishments, history or personality.

Life is good. Enjoy.

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