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‘Artistic Archetype’ Blog 28-Day Challenge: Day 4 through Day 7— Postage Stamp Block No. 4, No. 5, No. 6, and No. 7

Life is what happens when you have really good ideas.

Here is Day Four’s Postage Stamp Piece No. 4

This square is, individually, a failed attempt. My goal is that the embroidery be visually in front of the fabric. The embroidered pattern is visually lost among the fabric’s printed pattern. This fabric is from an estate sale stash. I have a collection of “vintage” small pattern fabrics I love. I wanted to include them in this effort, but that will not work, as you can see.

Day4_PostageStamp (640x455)

This 1.5-inch cotton postage stamp square is embroidered with yellow and red DMC floss but due to the pattern, you cannot see the free-hand sewing.


Here is Day Five’s Postage Stamp Piece No. 5

This fabric is also from the estate sale stash. I doubled the fabric so I am sewing through two layers. This was once part of a curtain. While not sheer, the fabric is loosely woven. The fabric frays easily. I do not think it is cotton. I have not fire tested the fabric. The brown print along the edge is outside the 1/4-inch (0.6-cm) seam allowance. The embroidered pattern is not centered. I will wait until it is sewn into rows to add any more sewing.

Day5_cropped (544x640)

This 1.5 inch (3.8 cm) postage stamp square was originally a scrap of curtain. The fabric is loosely woven. I doubled the fabric so to sew through two layers of fabric. The free-hand embroidery is DMC floss.


Here is Day Six’s Postage Stamp Piece No. 6

I like the contrast of the purple embroidery floss and the orange fabric.

Day6_cropped (640x540)

This 1.5-inch (3.8-cm) postage stamp square is 100% cotton with a free-hand pattern of purple DMC embroidered floss.


Here is Day Seven’s Postage Stamp Piece No. 7

I like bright and bold colors. I also like color contrasts. The gold-yellow contrasts well with the dark green cotton fabric. This is my favorite so far.

Day7_cropped (640x480)

This 1.5-inch (3.8-cm) postage stamp square is 100% cotton. The free-hand embroidered pattern is DMC floss.


First Row of Postage Stamp Squares

The postage stamp squares are hand sewn into rows of six squares, with a larger square of five rows to follow. There will be 30 squares to for a larger quilt block. Day 4’s No. 4 square unsuccessful effort will be blended into the larger quilt square. Each square, when sewn, is 1 inch (2.54 cm) wide. You can see in No. 2’s blue square the outer triangle’s bottom corners were caught in the seam fold. Placement of the embroidered object will be something to think about as I proceed.

Row1_cropped (640x437)

The first row of the first week of postage stamp squares.